Screening Specialists (COVID-19)

INA Screening Specialist services are available to our existing clients and new clients who are looking for an affordable, highly capable solution to their business requirements in order to comply with government mandates on safely reopening and continuing day to day business operations.

INA screening specialists are not security guards, they are trained individuals whose responsibility will be to greet and take the temperature of anyone requesting access into your school or business.
Thorough background checks are completed on each screener and each screener is trained by professionals to help ensure the safety of others.

INA Screening Specialist services provide:

• Alert and active trained personnel.

• Certified in First Aid/CPR/AED and Stop the Bleed

• Certified in Conflict Resolution and Use of Force to deescalate unpredictable situations

• Administer a verbal screening questionnaire to all employees, visitors, contractors, and vendors at
the facility’s point of access

• Conduct no touch temperature readings on individuals including; staff, visitors, contractors,
and vendors, using a handheld touchless thermometer to identify individuals who meet or
exceed established tolerance levels established by the CDC

• Monitor infrared camera views to identify individuals who meet or exceed set tolerance levels
established by the CDC

• Other duties as agreed upon by the client and INA

Screening Specialist services have widespread applications, including:

• Businesses

• Schools

• Places of worship

• Apartment complexes

• Industrial facilities / Warehouses

• Office complexes

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