Mobile Security Patrol

INA mobile security patrol services are available to our existing clients and new clients who are looking for an affordable, highly capable solution to their security needs.

INA mobile security patrol units have among the highest visibility rates in Metropolitan Harrisburg and Central Pennsylvania. INA security mobile patrol units deliver maximum vigilance and crime deterrence. Our patrol services are an increasingly popular choice for organizations of all types, as regular patrols are effective at deterring crime while remaining easy on your budget.

Mobile patrols are conducted by INA’s trained supervisors, alarm responders, and mobile guards who randomly, but regularly, visit and inspect your location to perform the same security services an on-site guard would perform, either internal or external, or both. These may include: checking windows and doors, arming and disarming alarms, removing loiterers, escorting employees to vehicles, locking building, looking for signs of wrongdoing and potential danger/hazards, and deterring would be wrong-doers. INA security personnel are prior law enforcement, military, or seasoned security officers. INA security mobile patrol services provide:

• Marked and unmarked security vehicles

• Highly visible presence

• Quick response

• Alert and active security personnel

• Visible patrol units outfitted with GPS systems and all the equipment required for the guards to effectively do their jobs, including emergencies and traffic control

• 24/7 dispatch center

• Patrols are performed by INA supervisors and security professionals with significant security experience

• Daily, weekly, or as requested patrol log reports sent to the client via the internet

• Documentation to include photos of any suspicious activity, criminal mischief, vandalism, and other nefarious activity

• Liaison with local law enforcement

Effective patrol services from INA include a wide range of businesses and properties to include:

• Schools

• Places of worship

• Apartment complexes

• Industrial facilities

• Office complexes

• Managed properties

• Home Owner Associations (HOA)

• Private residences

The following modules are part of INA’s required training for each of its security guards:

• Customer service

• Diversity and sensitivity training

• Workplace violence

• Traffic control

• Act 235 Certification (Lethal Weapons Training) – Armed Officers only

• Use of Force

• The Management of Aggressive Behavior

• Conflict De-escalation

• CPR / First Aid / AED / Stop the Bleed

• OCAT (Pepper Spray)

All officers assigned have successfully completed a criminal background check and drug screening prior to their employment with INA. All officers are subject to random drug screenings and background checks as an employee of INA.

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