Digital Forensics

The Information Technology (IT) infrastructure is the life blood of all business operations and communications. Protecting information and solving computer-related issues are critical to the integrity of every business.

A host of digital forensic and IT-related services are available to meet client needs in any number of situations. Additional details can be found within our brochure:   Digital Forensic Services

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Digital Forensics
In today's world, there is no facet of daily life that does not involve electronic information systems. INA offers complete investigative and forensic services for electronic data systems and has built a state-of-the-art digital forensic laboratory for this purpose. We use industry approved protocols for the collection, preservation, examination and preservation of electronic data, including maintaining the legal chain of evidence. Specialized techniques are used to examine and analyze the electronically stored data in order to present findings and conclusions. Electronic data can be recovered from computers, digital cameras, digital multimedia players, flash drives, mobile phones, tablet devices, and video-recording systems. There are many items that can be discovered during a digital forensic examination, including:

  • Deleted Data
  • Email or Instant Messenger Correspondence
  • Encrypted or Password-Protected Files
  • Hardware or Data Manipulation
  • System usage / File Access Timestamps
  • Web Browsing History

Additionally, INA can provide data recovery services for computers and other electronic devices that have been damaged due to unintentional or malicious action.

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IT Security Assessments
INA conducts IT Security Assessment Surveys to determine vulnerability and exposure to being compromised. Our objective is to demystify IT infrastructure and make it understandable for executive management.
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IT Security Policies
INA customizes IT security policy usage for its clients in all areas, including:

  • Email
  • Incident Response
  • Internet Acceptable Use
  • Mobile Computing
  • Monitoring and Audit Policy
  • Network Usage
  • Password
  • Remote Access
  • Storage
  • Wireless

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IT Service Support
INA maintains a staff of qualified IT technicians who can replace or assume a transition role when a key employee has been terminated. Our training and focus is to ensure the security and integrity of the client's network.
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