Registration Form – Hostile Termination and Workplace Violence

Webinar Date: September 19, 2018 at 1:00PM (EST)

INA would like to invite you to join our next webinar on “Hostile Termination and Workplace Violence” on September 19th at 1:00PM (EST). Threats of workplace violence following a termination are some of the highest risks that management and human resource professionals encounter. In fact, seventy-five percent of all workplace acts of violence have occurred during or after the firing process. The purpose of this webinar is to bring management and HR professionals together in order learn about the hostile termination process and discuss proactive methods to help identify problem employees, manage the risk and keep your workplace protected. We plan on covering the following topics during the session:


  • • The risks of workplace violence
  • • The causes of workplace violence
  • • Signals of potentially violent people
  • • Considerations when terminating a potentially hostile employee
  • • Active shooter awareness

Even in the best of circumstances, firing someone is never pleasant. But when confronting potentially violent employees, the stakes are higher. Please register and join us on September 19th to learn the tools, tactics and special precautions necessary to effectively manage the situation.

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