Partnering with PI’s – Using Digital Forensics to Grow Your Business


This program is designed for the private investigators who want to increase
their revenues by offering digital forensic services. We do the work, you keep your client. Our work product is placed on your letterhead.

  • Share the Profits
  • Chain of Evidence protocols
  • Up-to-date forensic analysis tools
  • Certified Technicians

How Can Digital Forensics Help My Case?

Many types of investigations can benefit from digital forensics, including:

  • Attorneys (litigation support, peer report analysis, trial strategy, expert witness testimony, and more!)
  • Domestic (cheating spouse, child custody, hidden assets, and more!)
  • Corporate (fraud, conflict of interest, non-compete violations, and more!)

How Do I Begin?

Contact INA at 1-(800) 443-0824 or Ask to speak with a representative about the “Partnering with PI’s” program. If needed,
download the related forms for case intake:

  • Case Intake [PDF]
  • Chain of Evidence [DOC]
  • Client Authorization [DOC]