INA’s Impact Podcast Ep. 2: Do you really know who you are hiring?

In this episode, INA will discuss the benefits of using social media and open source for investigations and pre-employment screening.  INA was an early adopter and provider of social media screenings and investigations.  These screenings provide valuable insight that gives a clear picture of the individual being hired or investigated.  In a Career Builder survey 70% of employers said they used social media in some way to screen candidates.   INA has the expertise to help organizations understand how these screenings can be a benefit.


IMPACT: INA’s security podcast: Ep. 1 Coronavirus and Security

INA’s Impact podcast provides timely information on security, risk, intelligence, and investigation issues. This episode discusses the security impact of coronavirus. From physical security, cyber security, to disinformation, coronavirus has impacted our daily lives and business and personal security needs. INA’s President John Sancenito discusses how to protect yourself and businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

From Pies in the Face to Kidnapping, Executives Face Numerous Threats

The amount of money companies spend on protection of CEOs, executives, and high profile individuals varies tremendously. The Securities and Exchange Commission requires security costs that provide a direct benefit to the executives to be disclosed. Even the costs on the SEC filing may not present an entire picture of all the costs associated with protecting a CEO or other executive. About the security costs associated with Apple CEO Tim Cook, one author notes of the nearly $700,000 spent to protect him in 2014, “The figure likely reflects only those costs that are specific to protecting Cook. There will, of course, be more general security costs associated with protecting Apple execs both at 1 Infinite Loop and at events (Lovejoy 2015).”

Executive protection costs listed in SEC filings are not itemized and therefore may include a variety of different security measures. These measures could include executive protection, security systems, etc. High profile CEOs/executives often receive threats to their personal safety and as a result require more security. Conversely, other CEOs/executives may not have as high of a profile and, therefore, do not need as much personal security. The type of security threats CEOs/executives may encounter also varies greatly. Threats may come from mentally unstable individuals, activists, terrorists, disgruntled employees, etc.

In recent years technology based companies such as Amazon and Facebook have spent significantly on CEO security. According to SEC filings, in 2015 Facebook spent $4.26 million on security for CEO Mark Zuckerberg. For security for Jeff Bezos of Amazon the company spent $1.6 million. Oracle spent $1.53 million on CEO Larry Ellison (McCarthy).

CEOs are viewed as extremely valuable to an organization and this value is often the justification for security costs. In a proxy statement in 2013, Oracle wrote of the $1.5 million it spent to protect Ellison, “We require these security measures for Oracle’s benefit because of Mr. Ellison’s importance to Oracle, and we believe these security costs and expenses are appropriate and necessary (Bednarz 2013).”

In particular, CEOs face many threats and risks. A few examples include in 1998, the CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates, had a pie smashed in his face as he walked into a meeting. In 2015, the CEO of Y-12 Federal Credit Union, his wife, his daughter and other employees of the credit union were kidnapped by Michael Benanti. Benanti’s plot involved kidnapping family members and forcing bank employees to rob their own bank. In 2017, CEO Pavel Lerner of Top Crypto Exchange Exmo was kidnapped in the Ukraine. Also in 2017, Alan Joyce CEO of the airline Qantas had a pie smashed in his face during a speaking event.

With the growth of the internet and social media, information about CEO, other executives, high profile individuals and VIPs is readily available. Information such as their home address and speaking engagements may be found on the internet. Locating the information necessary to target a CEO has never been easier. Companies need to continue to consider the measures they will place on the protection of executives, VIPs, high profile individuals, and CEOs.

INA offers various services to help protect CEOs, executives, high profile individuals, and VIPs. These services include:

• Executive Exposure Assessments – These assessments determine what information may be discovered about an executive, VIP, or high profile individual and how this information may be used to harm or threaten that individual. INA analysts attempt to locate information concerning home addresses, personal phone numbers, names of family members, and other pertinent information to identity areas of risk.

• Executive Protection – INA’s security services provides trained and professional executive protection personnel while traveling at events and other times such security is necessary.

• Risk Assessments – INA’s intelligence division conducts assessments of events, meetings, facilities, etc., to determine potential threats and risks.

• Intelligence Monitoring – Identifying and providing insight about potential threats to executives and companies is critical to mitigating risk. INA provides intelligence monitoring programs tailored to the client’s needs in order to assist in risk mitigation.

• Event/Meeting Security – Speaking engagements, conferences, shareholder meetings, and other events require teams of specialized security personnel to ensure the safety of the event and personnel attending. INA has experience managing these types of events and provides comprehensive security to mitigate potential threats.

INA’s staff of trained and professional security, intelligence, and investigative professionals is equipped and able to provide security and risk mitigation efforts for your personnel and organization.

Contact INA today for comprehensive programs to mitigate risk and provide security for you executives, VIPs, and high profile personnel.

Post content by:
Cody Kantner, Director of Risk & Threat Intelligence at INA


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Security Awareness: INA Helps Protect Students

The horrific events that occurred on Valentine’s Day this year continue to impact the national conscious. On that day, the world heard about the tragedy of a lone gunman entering the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and killing 17 individuals. On that day, innocence was cut down by an individual willing to commit unthinkable acts of horror.

Debate continues to rage regarding how to prevent such events in the future. Undoubtedly, there were many failures that occurred on that day and before. Perhaps many things could have been done different. Questions are asked such as:

• Are guns the problem?

• Can legislation prevent this from happening again?

• Are we dealing effectively with mental health?

• Are we doing enough to secure our school?

Although there are many opinions regarding how to best prevent future school shooting, examining school security should be an area considered. While school security is important to consider, there is no all-encompassing security solution. Each school is different and each school should evaluate what measures might work effectively. The objective of school security is not to turn schools into prisons. However, some high schools have several thousand students attending and may not have the security measures necessary to deal with that many individuals. Providing security for that many individuals is a daunting task.

The solution to providing a more secure school ranges from the simple to the complex, from the inexpensive to the costly. Upgrading security is complex and it is not simply a matter of hiring new security guards and purchasing new equipment. School security and security in general involves identifying threats and risks, and preparing to respond to those threats and risks.
Many things can be done to enhance school security:

• Physical security assessments

• Security training

• Security planning

• Policy and procedures created for security situations

• Conducting security exercises

• Security education

Of course, there are other things that can be done to enhance security, including a Security Awareness Program. A Security Awareness Program provides a simple method for educating the students and staff of the importance of security and reporting suspicious behavior. These programs offer an inclusive environment that allows everyone to understand security and allows them to participate in providing a safe and secure environment.

Something as simple as a poster series that raises awareness may be an effective tool for many schools. Good security awareness has as its objective incorporating an understanding of security to employees, staff, students, and anyone who utilizes your facilities. A safe and secure environment is promoted by educating these individuals on simple security practices. These programs keep security in the minds of everyone and encourage the reporting of incidents or strange activity. Ultimately, security awareness allows everyone to take a pro-active role in protecting themselves, friends, families, and staff. A simple security awareness program may go a long way in preventing a tragedy.

INA is a leader in assisting schools with security solutions. INA also offers security awareness posters that are effective in raising security awareness.

Samples of these posters are included below:

INA Security Awareness Poster Sample

Contact INA today for all your security awareness and school security needs.

Your stuff is spying on you. Here’s what you can do about it

In the latest episode of the ABC27 News podcast, “On Deadline”, Amanda St. Hilaire and Kendra Nichols talk to INA’s president, John Sancenito, about why your Christmas gifts may be creepy, how to balance convenience and privacy, and the steps you can take to make sure your kids’ tech toys aren’t spying on them.

ABC27 News – “Your stuff is spying on you. Here’s what you can do about it”

Security expert shares advice on staying safe after recent violence

Recent events in Minnesota, New York, and New Jersey may make some people apprehensive about their personal security in public places. The reason terrorists commit these types of crimes is to invoke fear into the general public.

INA president John Sancenito joins Valerie Pritchett in the ABC27 News studio to discuss how someone can avoid becoming a victim.

ABC27 News – “Security expert shares advice on staying safe after recent violence”

Security expert says we can take steps to become more vigilant

On the heels of the Orlando tragedy and other recent events, we need to change our mindset going forward. An attack can take place anywhere and it can happen quickly. We all should be aware of our surroundings wherever we go.

INA president John Sancenito discusses security awareness with Mark Hall of ABC27 News.

ABC27 News – “Security expert says we can take steps to become more vigilant”

Who’s watching you? Home security cameras pose snooping risk

Home video surveillance cameras are an extra set of eyes to watch your property, but the security systems also pose a very serious risk.

Since many home surveillance systems connect to smartphones through the Internet, someone else could be watching your home – and you would never know it. INA president John Sancenito shows ABC27 News how real the threat is.

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