INA’s Impact Podcast Ep. 2: Do you really know who you are hiring?

In this episode, INA will discuss the benefits of using social media and open source for investigations and pre-employment screening.  INA was an early adopter and provider of social media screenings and investigations.  These screenings provide valuable insight that gives a clear picture of the individual being hired or investigated.  In a Career Builder survey 70% of employers said they used social media in some way to screen candidates.   INA has the expertise to help organizations understand how these screenings can be a benefit.


IMPACT: INA’s security podcast: Ep. 1 Coronavirus and Security

INA’s Impact podcast provides timely information on security, risk, intelligence, and investigation issues. This episode discusses the security impact of coronavirus. From physical security, cyber security, to disinformation, coronavirus has impacted our daily lives and business and personal security needs. INA’s President John Sancenito discusses how to protect yourself and businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

Benefits of INA Social Media Screenings and Investigations

For years, pre-employment screenings relied almost exclusively on criminal background investigations. Likewise, investigations for lawsuits, threats, bad behavior, theft, etc., relied significantly on interviews, surveillance, records retrieval, and more. All these methods continue to have utility in modern investigations; however, in some cases these investigation methodologies may be augmented and even replaced with social media/open source investigations.

Social media/open source investigation may provide vast amounts of data on a subject. More importantly, these investigations deliver insight into the character of an individual beyond that obtained from traditional background investigation methods. Whether conducting a pre-employment screening or investigating fraud, social media/open source investigations assist with making connections and discovering information necessary for a complete picture of an individual.

Today, social media/open source investigations serve to augment the pre-employment screening process. Simply stated, information developed from social media pre-employment screenings adds a new dimension to the hiring process. While it might not seem a common practice to conduct a social media/open source pre-employment screening, recent surveys demonstrate that including social media/open source screening in the pre-employment process has become commonplace.

In 2017, Career Builder conducted a survey asking employers if they used social media during the hiring process. Astonishingly, 70% of employers surveyed claimed they utilized social media during the hiring process. While many organizations may handle these investigations internally, they may not have the training, experience, software, and techniques to adequately locate information that may provide insight into the candidate’s suitability for employment.

Social media/open source investigations go beyond pre-employment screening. Investigations involving social media/open source provide details on a subject’s history, relationships/friendships/associations, interests, location, items they own, recent activities, publications, places they frequent, hobbies, finances, and character insights and may provide recent images of the subject. Information gathered from these investigations assist with legal cases, fraud issues, risk assessments, background investigations, security assessments, etc.

Another thing to consider with social media/open source investigations involves the constant changing nature of content. In some cases, a social media/open source investigation may require constant or periodic monitoring. This monitoring provides updated information for a case, a security brief, or risk assessment. INA specializes in these type of monitoring projects for various types of clients from Fortune 100 companies to individuals.

For over 12 years, Information Network Associates (INA) has remained on the forefront of social media/open source investigations. As a result of this more than 12 years’ experience, INA developed the techniques and procedures necessary to generate effective and useful pre-employment screenings and investigations. Our pre-employment screenings are in compliance with all applicable laws, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Recently, INA made significant changes regarding the manner in which it receives pre-employment background screenings. INA introduced its new background portal in 2019. This portal provides additional functionality to the user. The new portal allows clients various options for inputting, tracking, and receiving notification about pre-employment screenings. Importantly, the addition of an applicant management system allows for seamless integration into an organization’s human resources processes.

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Posted Feb. 13, 2020
By Cody Kantner, Director of Risk and Threat Intelligence

Analysis of the Lincoln Assassination; Intelligence Analysis is Worth 100,000 Words

It has often been said a picture is worth a thousand words. A photograph can convey significant details about items, individuals, and locations. If one photograph has this much value, imagine the benefits of placing various images and icons into a document and linking them to tell a complex story. INA’s use of intelligence analysis allows complex stories to be told in a simple, yet useful and understandable format.

Often times investigators, lawyers, security professionals, and private citizens have complex problems that need expressing in a concise matter. Large volumes of information may be difficult to understand and difficult to explain. Intelligence analysis provides a method of taking these complex situations and large volumes of data and distilling them into an understandable format.

Information Network Associates (INA) is a premier intelligence analysis and monitoring company. INA’s intelligence analysts have the expertise to take complex problems and distill them into easily understandable presentations and reports. Utilizing specialized analysis products, presentation programs, graphics, and written analysis reports, INA provides clients with superior products that are easy to understand.

Utilizing IBM’s i2 Analyst Notebook, INA analysts create graphic representations of complex cases. While it may take a significant effort to explain information in a lengthy written report, a graphic representation of that information is more easily understood. Our culture is very visual and these types of analytical projects provide the ability to explain cases, threats, and risks in a visual medium.

Lincoln Analysis
Lincoln Analysis

Generally, what most people know of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln is that he was shot by John Wilkes Booth at Ford’s Theatre. This analysis of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln created by INA analysts demonstrates that by utilizing link analysis, complex problems may be easily understood. At a quick glance, the link analysis provides important details of the case, the individuals involved, and the activity that occurred. While generally most people know Booth shot Lincoln, they do not know the type and caliber of weapon used. This analysis project offers that information in a visual format. It is understood Booth shot Lincoln, but how many know Booth also stabbed Major Henry Reed Rathbone who was also in the box with President Lincoln? This one link analysis chart unfolds a complex story of conspiracy, offers information about the conspirators, and delivers details about the efforts of the conspirators to escape justice. The analysis demonstrates how individuals are associated and information about their plot. The more one views the chart, the more the details of the case unfold.

The information this one chart provides could fill numerous reports, articles, and books. That is the power of intelligence analysis; it can make the complex understandable. INA can provide link analysis and other intelligence products to assist with your investigation. These products are useful for private investigators, lawyers, government officials, prosecutors, defense attorneys, corporate investigations, and more.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, an INA intelligence analysis is worth 100,000 words.

Contact INA today for all your intelligence analysis needs.

Post content by:
Cody Kantner, Director of Risk & Threat Intelligence at INA

Security expert shares advice on staying safe after recent violence

Recent events in Minnesota, New York, and New Jersey may make some people apprehensive about their personal security in public places. The reason terrorists commit these types of crimes is to invoke fear into the general public.

INA president John Sancenito joins Valerie Pritchett in the ABC27 News studio to discuss how someone can avoid becoming a victim.

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